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My cherry wine

You all know I’m a music lover. I just downloaded Nas’ new album Life is Good. Best album in 2012. In my opinion.

The hook by miss Winehouse and the first verse by Nasir caught my ear .  Nasir takes this time to describe what he looks for in woman ; which got me thinking.What if the roles were reversed.

Everything he says he wants in a woman, is what I want in man. so here I shared the lyrics, but tweaked it a little bit , to fit my wants. Thought I’d share. I know there are plenty of women out there who look for the good if not the best in a man.

Where is he?
The man who was just like me
I heard he was hiding somewhere I can’t see
Where is he?
The man who was just like me
Heard he was hiding somewhere I can’t see
And I’m alone, and I realize that when I get home
I wanna go through my red and my cherry
Yes I’m alone, and I realize when I get home
I wanna go through my red and my cherry.

I want some who likes the champagne I like
My a-alike, someone to talk me off the bridge any day or night
He teaches me how to live, he ain’t afraid of life
Not easily impressed with the rich and famous life
Cause he done been there and heard all the rumors before
He loves and  he rides out with me on my this journey of life
He like the herbs natural medicine,

He cooking good (I want a man who can cook for me from time to time)
He tell me everything is cool and looking good
For real, the world so ill
Yeah I want a man so real
Who not after material wealth, but still get dough
Or maybe an educator, a gentleman with etiquette
Who can be from out the hood, or even work for the president
As long as there’s no selfishness
Yes, as long as his love for the people is deep rooted and evident
You can be easily recruited, you’re heaven sent
Your smile, put me on ease
You’re the man I need, but where is he.

We attract who we are and what we want. I want you. You’re the man I need. But where are you??

Oh and I recommend Nasir’s Life is Good. Such a good album. Especially if you are a hip hop lover.

Till next time. xoxo. Luce


Feeling extra motivated , especially with Monday morning blues. Have a super week wonderful people:) Carpe Diem!


You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’  But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

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The Better Man Project ™


I woke up revitalized this morning…a surplus of energy for sure. I want to talk about something that is pretty interesting this morning. Motivation as we know it, is a depleting resource. It is something that over time, diminishes. I usually use the reference of a day as what it takes for motivation to diminish. Why is this? Well, when we wake up, we have all the energy in the world. Think of yourself as a battery. You are charged to whatever percentage you are, and from that point you are only withdrawing energy (I will get into naps later). But most of the time, we only have the time to really go after everything we can and not rest. So how do you get everything you need to get done in a day. You start with the most important things. A lot of the time, for me (at…

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Hope all is well with ya’ll. I’ve been feeling stuck lately. Like things are not going my way. No growth whatsoever. And to say the least, it is just annoying. I need to get out of this. Between rising and sleeping lays living. For some of us living takes the form of surving- struggling in the hardest of times. And others thriving- but not winning. But sometimes none of the living done can be described and I just call it coping.

I have been in a state of limbo. My life has been on the super fast lane of a very busy highway called growing up. Even as I’m writing this, the voices in my head are debating if I should do some outpouring or just keep it safe.

My mother has been insisting on working out. I absolutely loathe it, but it does help. During this time I think, listen to music, I get out my anger and anguish. I forgive , I give gratitude for all that I have experienced in my life. Truth is I am trying to find footing. Trying to find a dry patch between thriving future career wise, demanding school that I loathe, being a friend, sexuality, having a social life , spirituality and family.

I combined a few words to explain my train of thoughts. Inspired by my favorite artist in the whole world. (AK). This prose has been keeping me afloat.

Here I am, here we are
As it will go on forever
Noise, always noise
Candles burn, lights are low
I haven’t a place to go

Life in it’s constant state of moving nowhere
The music is nice, floats through the air
Sounds of waves crashing everywhere
Percussive submissions, mind conditions
Writing with the left hand
Unknowing and taking the chance

Why not fly? Why not try?
This constant game I play to stay high
But all is just a state of mind
All is reality of your choice
Constant evolution, constant adaptation
Constant state of moving nowhere

Footsteps, silence is loud
Kindness is brave, wisdom is long
Loving is necessary, I need it, we need it
Searching, looking for the satisfaction
It is nowhere, it is everywhere

Preaching, pleading, praying for God to come
What are we waiting for?
Why are we so afraid of taking charge?
But it’s always changing, always
In the constant state of going nowhere

We all have demons to battle, roads to walk
Crosses to bear, mistakes and sins
Candles and their steady glow
Water and its constant crash

Endless horizon, rocks of times long gone
Still strong, still here and so are we
Here we are forever
The constant state of going nowhere

The constant state of going nowhere
Constant state of moving nowhere

It’s like a jungle

It’s like a jungle out here, so much struggle out here
And my dreams steal my rest, sleep’s the cousin of death
Always feels like a race against father time.

Only crime fills the brain, feels like I’m going insane
The revolution has to start, don’t waste no time.

Don’t waste no time. I anticipate having a fruitful week, and hoping for the same for you.

If you are going yo do something , make it matter.

self portrait

color and chaos

Do you remember summers as a kid? They seemed to last a lifetime, full of sunshine, trips to the pool, and camp. And later they went by a little faster, but were still full of fun, staying up late, and hanging out on week nights. Once fall came around everything changed. School started and responsibility ensued. Weekdays were spent doing homework and”getting to bed at a reasonable hour.” Summer was always something we looked forward to and something we dreaded ending.

I miss being a kid.

The transition into adulthood erases the summers we knew as a kid. Summer is no longer full of carefree days. Summer as an adult kind of sucks. it is full of responsibilities. It means working…. I cannot wait till fall when school starts.

It isn’t just about working (but that doesn’t help). I guess it is just losing something that meant so much to…

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The Better Man Project ™

You are what you repeatedly do every day…so if excellence is something you are striving for…then its not an accident…it’s a habit. Isn’t that a profound idea? That what we do each and every day creates us into the person we are right now at this very moment. The flip side holds true, in that if we want to become something, it really just comes down to repetition…to trying over and over again.

I don’t hate running. I hate starting to get back into running. Your knees hurt, your calves cramp, you feel like your running in concrete boots and every step of the way feels like you are pounding your way into the depths of hell. Okay,  that might have been a little bit of an overstatement. But now that I have been running for almost two weeks, I am over that feeling of impending doom every time I…

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